Climlight System

As the partner of the french developer Euravia we propose the new Climlight heating and air conditioning system.

The heating and air conditioning cLIMLIGHT nOV system is based on a unique ceiling fan coil unit cPIA providing heated or cooled air for 2, 3 or 4 rooms of one flat.

We are able to provide to our clients all of the services linked with this product, from installation to maintenance. This product fits with the client's expectations in terms of housing or offices constructions.

This product was developed with architects and building companies as well, RP INSTAL / KLIMATEL is the first company which sells and instals this product in Central Europe.

Some technical advantages of the Climlight system:
  • The cPIA ceiling fan coil unit - located in the ceiling nobody can see it, low size, extremly low sonor level
  • Radio thermostat - control of temperature separately for EACH different room, infrared communication for the highest comfort
  • The radio centralized command - provided with five different functions, from boost to eco, anti freeze security, radio communication for a wireless comfort
  • The dUALIA grille - allows simultaneously to blow the air treated, to inject fresh air and to ensure air return, it is also optimized for painting coating

Some services linked with the Climlight system provided by KLIMATEL:
  • Fix it on the construction site - we have a very efficient team (see our references)
  • After sales services - maintenance of every part of the system
  • Energy consumption management - we are able to print the consumption report of each building or even flat or office

This system is generaly more effective in terms of costs than a solution which includes two different products for heating and air conditioning.

You can download on pdf file the technical documentation of the Climlight system, component per component:

General presentation of the system
Ceiling fan coil unit nOV
11B hydraulic kit for ceiling fan coil unit nOV
12B hydraulic kit for ceiling fan coil unit nOV
13B hydraulic kit for ceiling fan coil unit nOV
14B hydraulic kit for ceiling fan coil unit nOV
Shutter vLT
Grille and plenum dUALIA
Radio centralized command
Radio thermostat
Radio remote control
Integrator iCUS
Vertical fan coil unit cVIA for hotel and naval requirements